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OutdoorSAC has one of China’s most advanced facilities for titanium camping cookware.

With our years of experience in research and development, OutdoorSAC can provide top-quality solutions for titanium camping cookware including:

  • Titanium mug
  • Titanium cup
  • Titanium water bottle
  • Titanium pots and pans
  • Titanium utensils, etc.

Why Choose Titanium Camping Cookware for Profit

Rising demand for sporting activities among the younger population, particularly millennials is driving the market for hiking gear and equipment.

Titanium cookware is extremely light and strong, very suitable for camping and hiking.

This makes titanium cookware become one of the most popular camping gear on the market.

Titanium mug and cup

The most common titanium products for outdoor activities. They can be used for cooking, boiling water and making coffee.

Suitable for any type of outdoor gear business to sell.

Titanium pans and pots

Titanium pans and pots are basically used for cooking for more than 2 persons. 

Great for couples or family camping.

Titanium water bottle

A titanium water bottle can be extremely light while carrying water with your customers.

Very popular among backpackers and bikers.

Titanium utensils

Titanium utensils are great for both outdoor and home use. 

The removable aluminum carabiner helps your customers to keep the cutlery together.

Applications and Benefits for Your Business

Titanium camping cookware can be a profitable product line for many businesses.

Camping and Glamping

Titanium cookware is now one of the most popular cookware for camping and glamping. 

More and more outdoor lovers enjoy its lightweight and various designs.


Backpackers are always looking for light and durable gear. 

Titanium camping cookware could be their No.1 choice.


If you run a campsite and you have the most popular equipment on the market, there will be no doubt that you will have advantages in the business.


Bikers love titanium gear, for bike, for bottle holders, of course they will love a titanium water bottle too.

Selling titanium camping gear with your bike can give your business a boost.


For people who like fishing, cookware is also important because they need to cook in the wild sometimes.

If you are selling fishing gear, you should definitely not miss the titanium cookware for extra profit.


Hunting can consume a lot of energy.

With light and durable titanium cookware, your customers can get a quick supply and energy for hunting.

Quality Material

Titanium is 30% stronger than steel, but is nearly 50% lighter. Titanium is 60% heavier than aluminum, but twice as strong.

OutdoorSAC uses Pure Titanium Grade 1 for manufacturing all titanium camping cookware.

With a high degree of purity of 99.98%, our titanium cookware can have excellent corrosion resistance property.

Various Kinds of Designs

OutdoorSAC offers many models of titanium camping cookware. 


  • Titanium mug
  • Titanium cup
  • Titanium water bottle
  • Titanium pots and pans
  • Titanium utensils
  • Titanium sierra cup
  • Titanium flask
  • Titanium backpacking stove


Complete Customizations

 OutdoorSAC offers customization for logo, size and accessories for our titanium camping cookware.

We have a professional team and advanced laser engraving equipment to meet all your needs for customizations.

Titanium Cookware Manufacturing Process

1. Metal Sheet Stamping

2. Forming

3. Edge Removal

4. Sandblasting

5. Polishing

6. Quality Control

7. Packaging

8. Delivery

OEM & ODM Titanium Camping Cookware for Various Business

Titanium Sierra Cup

The sierra cup was used for cooking and measuring.

Now it’s a new trend among glamping lovers for its unique appearance and multi-function.

Titanium Flask

Different from stainless steel or other metal, a titanium flask can keep the flavor of wine unchanged for a long time due to its stability.

Which is accepted by a lot of wine and outdoor lovers.

Titanium Chopsticks

Titanium chopsticks are much more environmentally friendly and healthier than normal wooden ones. 

People can take them anywhere, for camping or to school & college, even to restaurants.

They are also a prefect gift for any occasion.

Choose OutdoorSAC to Customize Your Titanium Camping Cookware

OutdoorSAC is a leading titanium cookware supplier and manufacturer in China. 

Our rich experience allows us to deliver the finest products in the market and offer the best possible customer experience.

Equipped with high-tech machines and advanced techniques, OutdoorSAC can produce extremely complex shapes and designs of titanium camping cookware with exact accuracy and tight tolerances.

Contact us to boost your business today!


FAQ for Titanium Camping Cookware

Yes, we offer quantity as low as 1 piece for titanium camping cookware.

You can choose any model and logo for sample to check the quality before placing the order.

It depends on whether customization is needed for your orders, and also depends on the time of customs clearance and logistics, but we can guarantee to ship standard model in less than 30 business days.

Yes. As a professional tent stove supplier, OutdoorSAC offers custom design according to your requirements (logo, appearance, types, etc.). We will also provide you with expert guidance at the same time, based on our rich experience in the industry.

OutdoorSAC uses Pure Titanium Grade 1 for manufacturing all titanium camping cookware.

Of course, OutdoorSAC welcomes our clients to come in person or hire a third-party organization to inspect our factory. During the Covid-19 pandemic period, please contact our staff for detailed inspection appointment.

All OutdoorSAC’s products are manufactured in China at our own factory, in compliance with ISO and CE.

OutdoorSAC offers a MOQ of 1 piece for all titanium camping cookware.

For custom designs, the price and MOQ varies accordingly. Please contact our sales person for more details.

For samples and stocked tent stoves, OutdoorSAC guarantees a 7-10 days lead time.

For mass production, the production time can be 25-30 days, with custom designs, an estimated time of 5-10 days will be needed.

We have a price list for our standard models.

But for OEM/ODM orders the price can vary dramatically according to different designs and materials.

So for custom order price please send inquiries for more information.

OutdoorSAC offers a 1-year warranty for all products we supply under normal conditions.

For specific requirement please let us know by sending inquiries or contacting our experts.

Usually we do 30% T/T in advance, balance before shipment

For small or trial order, by air or by express: FEDEX, DHL, UPS, TNT etc.
For large order, we arrange shipment by sea or by air according to your requirement.

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