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Portable Camping Wood Stove As New Option

OutdoorSAC has one of China’s most advanced facilities for titanium camping cookware.

With our years of experience in research and development, OutdoorSAC can provide top-quality solutions for wood rocket stoves used for highland areas, like mountain camping/hiking/trekking:

  • 1000℃ on the combustion chamber below 2500m altitude
  • 800℃ on the combustion chamber above 2500m altitude
  • Handy and easy to carry
  • Strong firepower
  • Secondary Air in-let hole design
  • Energy saving
  • 3-5 people using
  • Highland areas suitable
  • Max pot size 40cm available
  • Smoky gasifying smokeless
  • Fully burned, almost no ash left, good for clean and environment

Why Choose Mini Air-forced Wood Rocket Stove for Profit?

Rising demand for long-term hiking or trekking among the younger population, particularly professional outdoor lovers is driving the market for hiking gear and equipment under different conditions.

Normally, a gas burner will be the first choice due to its ultralight feature. But the gas tank capacity and weight could be also an issue we have to meet. This makes the air-forced wood stove become more and more preferred on the market. Outdoor fuel could be easily found and used, you don’t bring the fuel tank anymore.

Portable Mini

A good choice for highland camping. It can reach 800°C even more than 2500 meters in altitude. 3-5 persons cooking available.

Air-Forced Plus

The bigger size of the combustion chamber holds more pellets or wood sticks, for cooking longer time at once.

Applications and Benefits for Your Business

Air-forced wood rocket stoves can be a profitable product line for many businesses.

Camping and Glamping

Fire is a feeling of the outdoors, especially boiling or cooking.

The most popular cookware you could be more involved in for camping and glamping. More firepower control makes the coffee or grill more flavor. 


Backpackers are always looking for light and durable gear. 

If staying time is long, this 1160 grams stove may be a good option to replace many gas tanks.


The glamping campsite almost fully equipped, but this stove will make more feeling on coffee boiling or tea drinking.


The mini wood stove could be an emergent using, even with no electric power for the fan. The structure will be a strong guarantee for burning. But, no gas tank, and the gas stove no working anymore. 


People who like fishing, they always bring many things with them. The most feature of them is their good capability by hand. The wood dry sticks cutting, stove burning, fire control, etc. It will bring more feel than simply cooking with a gas stove.



The environment may be always serious when hunting. You may need the stove firing for drying the cloth, heating the body, or other else. Meanwhile, a very durable stove, a mini but strong stove, is like the hunter, a tough guy.

Quality Material

OutdoorSAC uses Stainless Steel 304 for manufacturing this air-forced wood rocket stove.

SS304 would be a good choice for stove burning. It has good performance on durability and stability. 0.8mm stove body plate thickness adopts complexity and rigidity. Meanwhile, two strengthening ribs across the stove body enhance the performance of body strength and impact shock.

Various Kinds of Features

Why do we have to choose this rocket stove?


  • Strong Fire Power
  • No limit on the fuel*
  • Horseshoe design stove-top, easy feeding.
  • Internal spiral circle-ring airflow structure design makes better gasification and burning.
  • Pot support feet anti-slip wave design.
  • One-hand hold, easy to operate and move.
  • Foldable stove top and feet saving carry space.
  • Fan power control under 3 shifts.
  • Updated metal spring protector of USB line.

*Solid fuel

Complete Customizations

OutdoorSAC offers customization for logos, sizes, and accessories for our stoves.

We have a professional team and advanced laser engraving equipment to meet all your needs for customizations.

OEM and ODM both are available.

Wood Camping Stove Manufacturing Process

1. Metal Sheet Cuting

2. Bending

3. Edge Removal

4. Punching

5. Polishing

6. Quality Control

7. Packaging

8. Delivery

OEM & ODM Air-forced Wood Camping Stove for Various Business

Color Customize and Logo Print

Stainless steel original color and black, two color options. Black color adopts Titanium plating technology processing under a vacuum environment, having Oxidation and corrosion resistance, enhancing strength and hardness, etc.

Logo laser printing on the front side. You can also have the optional choice of logo printing on the carry bag as well.

Customerized color is also adopted.

Stove Top Foldable Pot Support

Anti-slip wave design helps the stove to be fit for more pot sizes.

Accessories like a BBQ set fully matched with the stove pot support will add more choices for end-users. Meanwhile, it can also bring more margin options for the wholesalers and dealers.

Foldable Stove Feet with Hole for the Peg

Freestanding is the normal way of outdoor stoves. But sometimes, the mountain grounding conditions are not very good. The foldable design and peg fixed will guarantee the stove is safe when using.

Stove Accessories Options like BBQ Set

4 pieces BBQ set:

  • BBQ pot
  • 304 Stainless Steel barbeque net
  • Cast Iron 295 Round Griddle Plate*
  • Grid Lifter

*It is really great for grilled steak.

Exhibition Show

The stove was well welcome at the exhibition.

The different color was very attractive.

One-hand hold is portable, making it easy to operate.

Carbon Emission Project Case

  • Good performance on the gasification and thermal efficiency.
  • Durable stainless steel materials make a long life span.
  • Bigger dimensions with good size combustion chambers can hold more fuel at one time.
  • Comprehensive on-site solutions experience, more than 15 years.

Choose OutdoorSAC to Customize Your Biomass Camping Stoves

OutdoorSAC is a leading biomass camping air-forced stove supplier and manufacturer in China. 

Our rich experience allows us to deliver the finest products in the market and offer the best possible customer experience.

Equipped with high-tech machines and advanced techniques, OutdoorSAC can produce a professional structural combustion chamber for burning.

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FAQ for Biomass Camping Stove

Yes, we offer quantity as low as 1 piece for stove.

You can choose any model and logo for sample to check the quality before placing the order.

It depends on whether customization is needed for your orders, and also depends on the time of customs clearance and logistics, but we can guarantee to ship standard model in less than 30 business days.

Yes. As a professional stove supplier, OutdoorSAC offers custom design according to your requirements (logo, appearance, color or types, etc.). We will also provide you with expert guidance at the same time, based on our rich experience in the industry.

OutdoorSAC uses Stainless Steel 304 for manufacturing the stove body and combustion chamber.

Of course, OutdoorSAC welcomes our clients to come in person or hire a third-party organization to inspect our factory. Make an appointment now please!

All OutdoorSAC’s products are manufactured in China at our own factory, in compliance with ISO and CE.

OutdoorSAC offers 1 piece of sample stove.

For customized designs, the price and MOQ varies accordingly. Please contact our sales person for more details.

For samples and stocked stoves, OutdoorSAC guarantees a 7-10 days lead time.

For mass production, the production time can be 20-25 days. With customized designs, an estimated time of 10-15 days for design discussion will be needed.

We have a price list for our standard models.

But for OEM/ODM orders the price can vary dramatically according to different designs and materials.

So for custom order price please send inquiries for more information.

OutdoorSAC offers a 1-year warranty for all products we supply under normal conditions.

For specific requirement please let us know by sending inquiries or contacting our experts.

Usually we do 30% T/T in advance, balance before shipment.

For small or trial order, by air or by express: FEDEX, DHL, UPS, TNT etc.
For large orders, we arrange shipment by sea or by air according to your requirement.

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