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As the weather is shifting from summer to winter and the new year is coming near, tent stoves are gaining popularity.

These stoves are used in camps or tents to heat the space or cook some food.

But it is important to ensure that your tent stove is safe enough to be used in a tent.

In most cases, quality is assured by choosing the right manufacturer or supplier.

Some people buy tent stoves from local manufacturers to save time and money.

But they end up having low-quality stoves if the local brand is not experienced enough.

So purchasing from local brands can sometimes become too risky.

Therefore, you need to purchase your tent stoves from countries like USA or China.

They have some well-known brands to sell tent stoves.

Tenting or camping activity seems fun until you have to face harsh weather conditions.

And when you don’t have anything to warm up your tent, the whole trip becomes a nightmare for you.

But you don’t have to worry about these kinds of situations anymore.

It is because we brought you a list of the nine most reliable tent stove suppliers or manufacturers in the USA.

The best part of knowing about tent stoves is that you can use them for multi-purposes.

For example, you can heat your tent, dry your wet socks, and cook food for your mates.

Surprised, huh? Great.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s explore some amazing American brands to buy tent stoves and enjoy your camping trip.

1. Winnerwell

Winnerwell is one of the most popular brands of tent stoves.

And the best part about it is that the winner well was the first brand to produce tent stoves.

You must know that the winner manufactures its products well by applying the external air intake theory.

The interesting part of knowing about this brand is that it has branches in different countries.

The external air draw theory helps the stove perform independently inside your tent.

This amazing feature helps you to prevent the consumption of hot air inside the tent.

You must know that the tent stoves at Winnerwell are manufactured from stainless steel.

The best part to know is that they manufacture a wide range of accessories that make tent stoves versatile.

Moreover, you can also build a customized tent stove that matches your shelter requirements.

Some advantages of Winnerwell tent stoves are given below:

  • Highly packable tent stoves
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ultra-light feature.

The Winnerwell can be your best tent stove partner if you are looking for one.

2. Colorado Stoves

Colorado stoves is another popular brand in the USA for manufacturing wood-burning camp stoves.

It is important to note that Colorado is a family-owned business in the USA.

You must know that they also have sporting goods products.

They aim to provide their customers with the finest quality tent stoves.

It is because they want to provide their customers with all possible comfort while enjoying the outdoors.

Colorado manufacturers understand the importance of keeping you warm in tents.

Therefore, they aim to build products that could last longer.

So, you can get years of safety and comfort by using Colorado stoves.

No matter where you use the Colorado stoves, they will always make you feel like a “home sweet home.”

The best part is that you can use them in camps, tents, or your tiny home.  

Now when it comes to the experience of Colorado manufacturers, you must know that their more than ten years of experience.

It was the economic downturn of 2009 when Colorado manufacturers started their business.

They wanted to make some efforts so that their employees could run their homes without losing their jobs.

This is why they turned into a great business and have an amazing success rate today.

They also support manufacturing jobs in their community by manufacturing American-made products.

3. Kni-co

Kni-co is a popular American brand to produce high-quality wood stoves for your tents or camps.

The best part about Kni-co is that they are lightweight, so you carry them easily with you on the trip.

Moreover, they are also famous for producing a whole range of wood stoves or camping stoves.

They make small and lightweight tent stoves to heavy-duty stoves to meet all your needs.

The high-quality stoves at Kni-co have proved to the whole country that they are worth investing in.

You can cook whatever you want using the Kni-co tent stoves in extreme weather conditions.

It is interesting to note that Kni-co suppliers started their business in a small shop that was owned by Ted-knight in 1981.

So, they have an experience of more than 30 years.

At first. They used to make and sell hand-made tent stoves.

But when Robert Burns bought the company in 2000, they started adding new products to their list.

It was in 2021 when Kni-co gained new management.

As a result of new management, they also made some major expansions.

They have new types of equipment and increased size of buildings. Moreover, they have 18 employees. 

4. Flame Innovation

If you are looking for an American-made tent stove, then you should also look at Flame innovation brand.

They are leading the development of fire pits and stoves.

The best part about them is that they have particular standards for producing high-quality tent stoves.

You must know that the tent stoves at Flame Innovation are hand-crafted in Idaho state of, USA.

Flame innovation has a team of skilled and local professionals.

Those professionals pay special attention to the quality as well as the manufacturing of your tent stoves.

The interesting thing to note about them is that they don’t use any assembly lines in manufacturing tent stoves.

Rather, all the tent stoves are manufactured by the hand-welding process.

Moreover, the tent stoves are painted in their own paint booth at Flame innovation.

Once the assembly and painting are done, they bring the tent stoves all the way to the packaging center.

Flame innovation team doesn’t only aim for the quality and durability of their tent stoves.

They also focus on factors like the tents are easy to operate.

Therefore, you don’t need to babysit tent stoves by flame innovation.

Finally, flame innovation is a family-owned business run by a father and a son.

5. Riley Stove Company

With an amazing 40 years of experience, Riley stove company is another tent stove manufacturing company in the USA.

Some of the main products that are being manufactured at Riley stove company are listed as under:

  • Outdoor Wood-Burning Camp Stoves,
  • Pellet Stoves,
  • Dutch Oven Cookers,
  • Temperature-Controlled Ovens,
  • Riley Food Boxes/Pantries,
  • Pack Rats,
  • Boot/Glove Dryers,
  • Porta-Potties,
  • In-Line Spark Boxes, and Much More.
  • Spark Arresters,

While they manufacture the tent stoves, Relay manufacturers use galvanized metal since it prevents rusting.

And the best part about a galvanized tent stove is that you find them lightweight when compared to other tent stove brands.

Riley stove company is also known for manufacturing high-quality tent stoves that come with a lifetime guarantee.

Adjustable tent dampers exist in the Riley tent stoves that aim to control temperature.

You can fit the stove pipe directly into the spark boxes or stovetops.

You can also fit them into the chimney ovens.

The interesting part to know about Riley tent stoves is that they are approved by the US Forest Service.

They also give you an amazing warranty of 5 years on workmanship.

One downside of their tent stoves is that they get too much hot.

Therefore, the manufacturers recommend using gloves while using those stoves.

6. Pomoly

Pomoly is another American brand that aims to provide high-quality tent stoves to campers.

This brand sells wood stove jacks with hot tents in different series. Some of the series are listed as under:

  • HEX series,
  • YARN series,
  • FORT series,
  • HUSSAR series

Moreover, they also aim to manufacture high-quality titanium tent stoves for their customers.

But for these stoves, they have a separate collection of series. Such as:

  • T1 series,
  • TIMBER series,
  • T1 mini series,
  • TIMBER mini-series

These amazing tent stoves give you an amazing experience of warming your tent and cooking.

At the same time, you can also enjoy your winter camps by using the Pomoly heating tent stoves.

The interesting part of knowing about them is that they don’t have a legendary story to start the business.

They made some simple tent stoves that were liked by most people.

Therefore, they decided to manufacture tent stoves.

You must know that Pomoly is a brand that has a team of California people.

7. Wall Tent Shop

If you are looking for some American brands at the lowest price, then you must look at this brand from the USA.

And the best part about them is that they also offer free shipping for their products.

There is no sales tax, and you get your order mostly within a day.

Apart from tent stoves, they also sell other products like tents and camping accessories.  

When it comes to the guarantee of their tent stoves, they give you two years guarantee of material as well as workmanship.

At the same time, so many other companies offer you a guarantee of only one year.

The best part about them is that they give you camping advice if you are just a beginner.

This is how you can decide which tent or tent stove is best for you.

Moreover, you can also find videos of their products on their website. It can give you a better understanding of their products.

The manufacturers at this company recommend their customers purchase large tent stoves.

This is because they think that larger stoves can be effective if suddenly the weather becomes colder than usual at your tent.

They have two popular tent stoves that are named wilderness and Yukon.

Both the tent stoves are great, but most customers prefer purchasing the Yukon tent stove.

8. Cylinder Stoves

Some camping and hunting folks found cylinder stoves.

Their extensive knowledge and camping experience helped them make extraordinary tent stoves for their customers.

They can also advise you to choose the right tent stove for your camping activities.

Moreover, you can also learn about some old hunting stories through their blog.

Due to the unrivaled quality of tent stoves, they are popular among customers across the globe.

And you must know that their products are not imported from any other country in the world.

Rather, all the products are hand built in the USA.

They also give you an amazing guarantee for the workmanship and the material of your tent stoves.

With proper care, the Cylinder stoves intend to last for a lifetime period.

You must know that this brand started manufacturing camping stoves in 1989.

Hence, they have amazing experience in manufacturing high-quality tent stoves that meet customers’ needs.

These are efficient tent stoves that aim to last for a lifetime period.

9. RBM Tents

Just like many other tent stove manufacturers, RBM tents are also a high-quality supplier of camping stoves.

Although they are new in the industry with only six years of experience, they give you the opportunity to buy premium tent stoves.

If you want a high-quality tent for activities like hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities, you must try RBM tents.

Before they started manufacturing tent stoves and tents, they conducted quality tests to check for reliability and durability.

Getting the RBM tent stoves at your doorstep takes only 3-5 days.

You can also consult them individually through their website.

Final Thoughts

Tent stoves are a great way to make you enjoy cold weather and warm moments.

But you must ensure that you are purchasing the tent stove from a high-quality supplier.

One important thing is to consider the size of your tent stove.

You must choose a tent stove according to the size of your tent.

Moreover, don’t forget to consider features like glass-door, cooking tables, and other parts of tent stoves.

In simple words, you must check for tent stoves’ portability, utility, and durability.

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