How To Source Tent Stoves From China in 2022

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People love to hang out with their friends on camping trips in cold weather.

That is why tent stoves have a great demand in countries where the autumn and winter seasons last longer.

They can purchase them in portable forms and carry them on a trip.

They can also cook and make the tent warmer with a tent wood stove.

Moreover, they also conduct multiple activities in their backyards, such as barbeque parties.

So most sellers agree that the product is a hotcake among outdoor lovers.

If you want to sell tent wood stoves, you are left with two options when you plan the purchase. 

Either you can source it from any other country such as China or in your country from local importers or distributors.

The choice depends on your requirements, budget, and other factors.

However, most buyers prefer purchasing tent stoves from China due to high-quality customized products at low prices.

If you have also decided to buy portable tent stoves from China, then you should analyze the market.

The market analysis can give you a strong idea about which portable tent stoves to choose.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dig into the article to buy the best tent stoves from China.

Tent Stoves Market Analysis

The market analysis gives you the idea about which type, quality, and country are best to import a particular product.

According to the forecast period of 2021 to 2028, the tent wood stove market growth rate is 4.8%.

An interesting fact to know is that there was a time when animal fat was used for cooking and heating purposes.

Then someone invented tent stoves for winter camping.

Now when tent stoves were invented, people needed to buy these products.

People only give importance to those products in the market that offer higher benefits.

In the case of the best tent stoves, they give you unique advantages such as

Easy ignition

Easy and quick cleaning

Easy to carry

Distributes heat in even directions,

Available in different materials.

The rise in camping and adventurous activities also increased the demand for wood-burning stoves in the market.

Some factors contributing to the highest market growth of camp stoves are enlisted below:

  • High disposable income
  • Availability of tent stoves on e-commerce sites.
  • Increasing tourism business
  • Rising awareness about the advantages of portable tent stoves.
  • Increasing recreational activities, and much more.

The tent stove market is analyzed based on several segments.

These segments include application, distribution channel, and types.

The analysis of these segments gave users a useful tent stove market overview.

As a result, they can proceed towards a better decision-making process when buying a tent stove.

Based on the material, they are classified into stainless steel, carbon steel, and titanium tent Stoves.

Based on the distribution, they are segmented into offline and online distribution.

Based on the application, they are segmented into amateurs and professional applications.

Country Level Analysis Of Tent Stoves Market

The countries covered in the market analysis of tent stoves are enlisted in the table given below:

North Americathe US, Mexico, Canada,
EuropeFrance, Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Russia, Belgium, and Turkey.
APACSouth Korea, India, Japan, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, and many other countries
MEA Saudia Arabia, Israel, UAE, South Africa, Egypt, and the rest of the middle east.
South AmericaArgentina, Brazil, and the Rest of South America

Among all the countries listed above, you should know that North America is the most dominant.

It is due to the increasing tourism activities in North America.

Also, the number of campsites has increased in North America, Which gave immense popularity to tent stoves.

Due to increasing disposable income in the APAC region, these countries have a higher CAGR for tent stoves.

The market analysis also varies in individual countries based on some more factors.

These factors are downstream and upstream value chain analysis, cost of raw materials, price trend analysis, import and export analysis, production sites and volumes, consumption volumes, etc.

Market Share Analysis Of Tent Stoves

This analysis is performed mainly by reviewing different competitive landscapes.

The market share analysis of camping stoves can be found based on factors such as

  • Application dominance
  • Product size
  • Product launch
  • Companies’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Global presence
  • New market initiatives
  • Investment in research and development
  • Market potential
  • Revenue generated
  • Company financials
  • Company overview

Some most popular companies selling tent stoves across the globe are enlisted below:

The list given above is the manufacturers or suppliers of tent stoves from different countries.

However, suppose you are planning to source your tent stoves from China.

In that case, some top Chinese manufacturers are listed below:

Different Materials Of Tent Stoves & Their Prices

When sourcing your tent stoves from China, you should choose a tent stove that matches your requirements.

Two significant factors that contribute to your requirements are materials and prices.

However, you should also note that online tent stoves are always cheaper than offline ones.

Wood-burning tent stoves are primarily manufactured in three common materials.

Carbon steel tent stoves

Carbon steel tent stoves are the most affordable tent stoves on the market.

These tent stoves are hard to carry due to their heavy weight. However, they are also the most stable tent stoves.

Carbon-steel materials are chosen for tent stoves due to their strong heat conduction.

Due to this feature, they can give you strong warmth even when there is a small fire.

The best part about carbon-steel tent stoves is that they don’t deform at higher temperatures, just like many other tent stoves.

If you have a large party somewhere and a large car, then carrying a carbon-steel tent stove should not be difficult.

Stainless steel tent stoves

If you are looking for a lightweight and foldable option for tent stoves, then choose tent stoves made with stainless steel.

These tent stoves are popular among tourists since they can carry them anywhere, anytime.

The best part about these tent stoves is that they don’t get rusted easily.

You can even monitor the fire in this tent stove from a glass window feature.

Finally, stainless-steel tent stoves are primarily portable, making them the best choice for you. However, the final choice still depends on your requirements.

The glass window feature inside your tent stoves makes them more expensive than those without this feature.

If you are looking for a suitable option in tent stoves to carry in cars or RV camping, then stainless steel and carbon steel tent stoves are the best options.

Titanium tent stoves.

Titanium tent stoves are found to be the most lightweight and expensive tent stoves.

If you are a wholesaler, you should never miss buying this stove for your customer.

Due to its less weight and easy transportation, customer loves to choose it.

However, it has a disadvantage: you cannot use it for too long. It is because the tent stove starts deforming, and it becomes hard to fold it back.

How To Choose The Right Supplier For Tent Stoves

If you know your requirements and which tent stove you need, it’s time to focus on choosing the right supplier.

Although the Chinese market has reliable products with low prices, it is also possible that you may get scammed.

Sometimes, it becomes tough to choose the proper manufacturer, especially when you are purchasing online.

When sourcing your tent stoves from China, you must focus on some essential points.

All these points are explained below for your better understanding.

You must do proper internet research and list some popular manufacturers and trading companies.

Then you have to choose whether you need to buy from trading companies or factory manufacturers. These are explained below:

Purchasing Tent Stoves From Factory

Whether you select a factory or a trading company, you should know the differences in their qualities, prices, and other services.

A manufacturing factory is the cheapest option when buying tent stoves.

However, they don’t give you detailed services like those in trading companies.

Factories have higher MOQ (minimum order quantities), but you get more control over your tent stoves.

For example, you can ask for customization in materials, colours, features, and other specifications.

At the same time, they have a very low variety of products.

If you find a factory telling you that they can manufacture all kinds of products, then know that they can be lying.

Because it is not possible for a company keeps so many production lines.

You should also note that when a factory produces your tent stoves, they are more likely to source parts from different other factories.

You can also suggest to them to use which features from which brands.

So if you are looking for high-quality orders with low prices and more control over your products, choose a factory.

Purchasing Tent Stoves From Trading Company

Trading companies are known to have higher prices for their products.

The best part about them is that they give you more detailed services, unlike factories.

You should also note that they can offer you a large variety of tent stoves.

However, the disadvantage of purchasing from a trading company is that you get less control over your products.

A trading company could be the right choice if you want lower MOQ with better sales services.

You should know that they don’t manufacture tent stoves by themselves.

Instead, they source the products from different factories.

In the past, trading companies were the only way to import your products from China.

Trading companies have more control over the quality of services.

They don’t compromise on quality if you have chosen the right trading company.

But you will get all of it at relatively higher prices.

Some More Points To Know When Importing From China:

  1. Check the quality certifications and licence of your chosen company before finalizing an order.
  2. Make sure the custom data of the company exists.
  3. The company should sell at famous online stores such as Alibaba and
  4. The company should have a website with positive reviews from customers across the globe.
  5. B2B platforms have more chances of harassment and scams. You should be careful since there are more payment risks.
  6. Set a good schedule with your supplier to produce your products. Different manufacturers may offer different schedules.

How To Place An Order On The OutdoorSAC?

OutdoorSAC is one of the leading suppliers of tent stoves from China.

When purchasing your tent stoves from them, you need to follow the instructions:

  • You should place an order before autumn since production and product delivery takes time.
  • Tell them whether you need a logo on a product with simple packaging or without the logo and excellent packaging.
  • You should finalize payment options with them. LC, OA, and T/T are China’s most common payment methods.
  • You can also purchase related products from them to earn more profit. For example, camping cookware and hot tents. OutdoorSAC works in the following steps:
    • Quote and pricing
    • Designing
    • Manufacturing
    • Quality checking
    • Packing and delivery.

So Are you ready to invest in purchasing the best wood-burning tent stoves from China? Contact Us now.

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