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The need for tent stove accessories is increasing fast.

Many people enjoy camping and spending time in an open space.

Thus, they prefer tent stoves as alternatives to open fire. 

The stoves can work on their own.

But, they need the right accessories to function better.

You can buy these accessories and sell them to customers at a decent profit. 

Moreover, retailers don’t need to buy all the accessories at once.

Instead, you can stock a few crucial components, like safety and convenience parts.

Then, watch what buyers get the most and increase your stock. 

You can also expand your options by getting accessories from a single tent stove supplier.

Besides, you can ask the supplier to provide accessories with a wide price range.

You want to have cheap options for buyers on a budget.

So, get mid-priced accessories and a few high-end options. 

Remember, selling tent stove accessories is a profitable business with the potential to give high returns. 

Such accessories might not sell the way phones and computer accessories do.

But the profit margin is amazing.

Here is more helpful information to help you decide if it is an idea you can invest in for business growth. 

How Can Accessories Add Value to your Tent Stove Retail Business?

As a tent stove retail business, the actual item isn’t the only product you can sell.

So many accessories go with the stoves.

Their buying prices are affordable and have high chances of earning you more money. 

Check out how extra accessories can improve your retail business if you deal in tent stoves. 

1) Add-Ons Can Increase Your Profit

What is the total number of accessories you sell for a single tent stove?

It is a crucial question in a market that is growing pretty fast. 

Sometimes, you can get a two-digit profit on one tent stove.

But, it is common to get over 50% profit on its accessories. 

Also, some customers buy tent stove accessories in the store while buying stoves.

They spend about three times more on add-ons.

Securing sales when customers buy tent stoves in-store increases revenue and profit. 

2) Secure Sales From Your Competition

Sometimes, customers don’t buy accessories while buying tent stoves.

But they purchase add-ons from different retailers. 

Besides, one accessory on any common online site brings over 1 thousand views. 

Offering customers a lot of options means they can’t look anywhere else.

Consumers hope to buy such accessories when buying tent stoves.

Most of them want to save money. 

It could be through buying a package with all accessories.

Others might want bundled packages. 

Very few will buy tent stoves accessories piece by piece.

So, assess what you are offering your buyers. 

3) Make Customers Happy

A happy customer means a high chance of getting more sales.

Either from them or the people, they refer to you. 

The experience in-store can confuse because of the many rows of the same tent stove accessories. 

Some buyers might look for brands that aren’t common.

Others want to customize their tent stove accessories.

Some buyers come with specific needs. 

Thus, make sure you have a selection of tent stove accessories.

You want to have something for every customer.

As a result, it helps you increase profits through add-ons. 

Moreover, it will stop your potential sale from going to your competition.

Offering great customer experiences means they will keep returning. 

What Type of Tent Stoves Are Commonly Used for Camping?

Tent stoves are increasing in popularity among outdoor lovers.

Buyers can use them for glamping, van life, daily recreational camping, and hunting.

Others are off-grid living, tiny houses, and basecamps. 

So, there is a high demand for tent stoves for various uses.

Hence, manufacturers are producing different designs of tent stoves.

A) Glamping Stoves

Glamping stoves are efficient and convenient.

But, they are high-end options.

The stoves burn wood and boast features of full-size wood-burning stoves in homes. 


  • Heavy-duty heat retaining material
  • Baffle plates
  • Fire brick lining
  • Doors with sealed gaskets
  • Air intake controls
  • Burns less wood

B) Portable Tent Stoves 

Portable tent stoves are the commonest and most practical.

They are the best if you are looking for affordability.

Their designs make a good balance between weight, size, and other specifications. 

Their size can be big enough to burn 16″ pieces of firewood.

It reduces the need for sawing.

Manufacturers make it lighter by removing sealed gaskets, baffle plates, and fire bricks.

Most use more lightweight materials like stainless steel.

Moreover, their flue pipes have smaller diameters with the provision to fit in fireboxes with ease.

Portable tent stoves can heat large tents, even if it is freezing outside.

Most designs come with racks, grates, and adjusters to help you see the fire.

You don’t have to open its fuel door. 

In short, portable tent stoves can give you opportunities to sell more accessories.


  • Highly durable
  • Highly Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Eco-friendly

What Are Different Tent Stove Accessories That Sell Well?

Most tent stoves share basic components.

But, the buyer can add extra features for convenience or improving performance.

Here is a breakdown of important tent stove accessories you can stock in your shop: 

A) Portable Tent Stove Standard Components

Standard components perform essential tasks like vacating the smoke, balancing the tent stove, etc.

Thus, most buyers purchase these components more often.

Besides, these components can offer a good profit margin and the possibility of returning sales.

Below are the standard accessories of tent stoves.

1) Spark Arrestor

Spark arrestors prevent the flue pipe from releasing flammable stuff.

These are the top sections of flue pipes with small holes and mesh.

They allow only smoke to exit.

The arrestor prevents embers or wood chunks from escaping.

But, they don’t bar all burning things from getting out of the flue pipe.

You need to check them and clean them well. 

2) Stand 

These frames or legs elevate the firebox higher than the ground level.

Stands must be reliable and sturdy to prevent the stove from falling.

They are higher to prevent the tent stove from burning the tent floor when hot. 

3) Flue Pipe 

It is nothing but the chimney that vents ash, smoke, and unburnt fuel from the firebox.

Most flue pipes have several nesting cylinders.

Experts suggest not using tent stoves without a flue pipe in a tent.

Thus, many hikers look for flue pipes if they don’t have one.

B) Portable Tent Stove Components for Convenience 

What do buyers search for in every product? Convenience!

Even though tent stoves are convenient, adding a few more accessories can take their elegance to the next level.

Sometimes, buyers purchase these products in bulk.

For example, an ordinary buyer can buy 2-3 warming racks at a time.

That’s the benefit of selling convenience accessories.

Yet, it also depends on the seller’s marketing skills.

1) Air Wash

They are vents that draw air across fire-facing panes of glass.

These keep smoke, ash, and filth from settling or obstructing the view.

An air wash is a preventative measure. It doesn’t clean the glass like in its name. 

2) Drying/Warming Rack

A warming or drying rack is a heat-safe attachment.

It offers a surface that can hold gear or cooking vessels near the firebox or flue.

It delivers heat at lower temperatures than when in contact with a firebox.

3) Viewing Window

It is a tempered glass pane on the firebox or the door.

The viewing window is for emitting light and monitoring the fire.

Your tent stove can come with one or more viewing windows. 

C) Portable Tent Stove Components for Performance

Such components aren’t a must for a tent stove to function. 

Yet, many buyers show interest in tent stove accessories that can boost the product’s performance.

Nevertheless, these add-ons improve heat delivery and combustion efficiency. 

1) Fire Grate 

These are metallic bars suspending wood above the firebox’s floor.

They offer more airflow under a fire.

Ash falls to the stove’s bottom through the grate for easy cleaning. 

2) Fire Brick 

Fire bricks are ceramic and have low thermal conductivity.

They are insulating liners in wood tent stoves.

The bricks improve efficacy and heat retention. 

3) Air-intake Control/Adjustor 

It is a device increasing or reducing fresh air volume getting to the fire through the air intake.

The supply of oxygen to fire impacts the burning rate.

Fires with little oxygen burn slower. 

Likewise, fire with no oxygen extinguishes faster. 

4) Baffle Plate

It is a metallic sheet at the top section of the firebox between the flue pipe and fire.

It radiates heat into the fire and increases combustion.

The baffle plate prevents heat and smoke from existing via the flue pipe faster.

The plate ensures wood fuel burns down to ashes.

Here, it reduces wastage. Stoves without baffle plates suffer from the rocket stove effect.

Smoke and heat shoot through the flue pipe in full force. 

Such an effect isn’t the best for heating a tent. 

5) Flue Damper

A plate in the flue pipe rotates to reduce the amount of air passing through the device.

There is a handle to control it outside the flue pipe.

Dampers prevent the escape of heat when you aren’t using the stove. 

They prevent ash from being blown around the firebox while cleaning. 

D) Portable Tent Stove Accessories for Safety 

Buyers think about safety as soon as they get a brand-new tent stove.

That’s because the basic working principle of a tent stove involves fire.

As a result, hand gloves and fireproof stove mats have significant demand in the market.

Moreover, you can keep these products in stock for years.

1) Gloves

Gloves protect tent stove users against burns.

They ensure safer operations when handling these stoves. 

Gloves allow for easy monitoring of the stove. 

The user’s hands become safe and feel comfortable.

Remember, gloves, and a pike pole should always be near.

Users need to wear gloves when opening or closing a firebox door.

They should avoid operating a hot tent stove with bare hands. 

2) Fireproof Stove Mat

Fireproof stove mats protect the tent’s floor from extreme heat and falling sparks. 

Such mats consist of glass fabrics with a silicone coating.

Silicone creates a fantastic fireproof insulation layer.

It is resistant to higher temperatures, abrasion, moisture ingress, and harsh environments.

Tent stoves with bottom screens need extra support under the fireproof mats.

These are heavier. 

Where Can You Buy High-Quality Tent Stove Accessories?

Tent stoves, like any other camping gear, can break down at one point.

Not often, but users might find the need to replace a few parts here and there.

So you will find them looking for power cords, drip bowls, or cleaning kits. 

Likewise, tent stoves come in a variety of designs.

So, their accessories can also differ according to the product specifications.

You can analyze the tent stove design that sells well in your store.

Then, you can stock its related accessories.

Make sure you put some effort into making cross-sales while selling tent stoves.

Learn more about these accessories and their working.

OutdoorSAC sells all parts and accessories for tent stoves.

We sell high-quality accessories and also customize them according to your needs.

We also help new retailers who want to get into the business of tent stoves. 

As a retailer, you get the best deals at OutdoorSAC.

You can then sell tent stoves and accessories to individual buyers at a profit. 

Final Thoughts!

As you know, tent stoves can operate independently with their basic features.

But, most buyers include accessories for convenience and better performance.

Thus, it would be profitable to add such accessories to your stock. 

Also, ensure you include a wide variety of tent stove accessories.

Customers buying in-store will have a higher probability of getting one or two extras.

Thus, ensure the pricing is reasonable to avoid customers buying tent stove accessories elsewhere.

Contact OutdoorSAC to get your first quotation on tent stove accessories.

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