What Are the Top Products Every Glamping Business Should Have in 2023?

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The past few years have taught most people the importance of adventure and travel.

 Camping is a cheap way to spend time outdoors on less while enjoying more. 

It means that the glamping business is rising pretty fast.

Unlike before, camping is now a consideration for most people. 

Hence, there is a massive demand for glamping products and camping gear. 

Besides, statistics show that the business is expected to grow more.

As a retailer, there is higher potential in this business. 

You are at a tremendous advantage if you stock various glamping products. 

So, here we’ll present a brief breakdown of the necessary products you can include in your business. 

What Is Glamping?

Glamping is a fancy word, just like the generation Z came up with ‘Brunch’ – a combination of breakfast and lunch with a few omissions. 

It strikes an excellent blend of charming accommodations and traditional camping. 

Glamping means there are facilities and accommodations with more luxury. 

You can’t compare this with traditional camping without a hint of luxury. 

Glamping gives outdoor lovers the best of two worlds.

Sometime back, Glamping was under traditional camping.

Today’s travelers and business persons consider it a vacation rental type. 

There are different types of Glamping. It isn’t limited to caravans and tents only. 

There is a wide variety, from tiny houses to treehouses. 

Some accommodation types can be Glamping too. 

Top 3 Tips for Starting a Profitable Glamping Business in 2023

Starting a glamping business isn’t rocket science. 

It needs strategic planning like any other venture. 

But, of course, your plan should be to earn profits and grow your business. 

But, if you aren’t careful, you can incur losses and close your business. 

That’s not what we want for anyone. 

So, here are some great tips to know before venturing into the glamping business. 

#1. Expand Your Knowledge Base Before Getting Into Glamping

Before investing your money, you must know much about the glamping business. 

But wait, it isn’t as difficult as you think!

You need to know if the business has the potential to grow in the future or not. 

Is it a seasonal thing? Are people camping all year round? 

As a retailer, you need to know the risks of the business. 

There is no business without risks. 

At least a single one exists. 

So understand the risks of the glamping business. 

For the risks and downsides, know if you can avoid any. 

Also, try finding solutions before to avoid affecting the business. 

You are in the line for great success if you are knowledgeable about the glamping business.

We recommend finding an adviser who knows more about the glamping field. 

They will share their experiences and help you learn the secrets. 

Don’t worry if you can’t find any.

There is so much information to learn from our blog section. 

We educate retailers and sellers about glamping products. 

We will not get deeper into the financials. 

But be sure to learn more about the potential of the glamping business. 

We drop a few tips here and there on how to manage and grow the business. 

Advisers who have been in the business have first-hand information. 

They share what they have learned in the glamping business. 

You will not enter into the business with a blindfold. 

You will have ready information. 

But your journey might be different if your plan well. 

#2. Set Your Budget

We know the economy is hitting us hard. 

Prices of things are up to the ceiling while finances are sprouting. 

So budgeting has become a fundamental skill in today’s world.

A budget is crucial if you are a retailer planning to start a glamping business. 

You might have the exact amount of money to start this business. 

But are you ready for any emergencies? 

Businesses are very unpredictable, especially when it comes to money. 

There are many challenges when you are starting a business with limited capital. 

You often meet emergencies and unexpected expenses. 

You will have to borrow if you don’t have some bucks for rainy days.

Some experienced people share their money experiences in the glamping business. 

Being over budget means you can cater to any expenses that come your way. 

It doesn’t have to happen if you are new to it. 

You might be on your second or third glamping venture.

Unfortunately, expenses don’t announce themselves before they come.

Expect a rude shock if you use this assumption for the next business. 

It would be best to have a bigger budget. 

You can start by setting a development timeline for your project. 

Adjust it so that it can take longer than the timeline you think. 

Over-estimating duration is also a good thing. 

Things crop up quickly, and the inconveniences can be overwhelming for short periods. 

#3. Invest More in Marketing

If you have a ready glamping site, you want to get to this step. 

Of course, the place should be beautiful and worth the money. 

Anyone visiting will no doubt have a fantastic time. 

Visitors to your site mean more money in your pocket. 

But how do visitors know about your site without PR and marketing? 

All businesses need publicizing for sales to show. 

Educate the masses about your site or glamping products. 

Let them hear about their experiences. 

But, of course, what you want is good PR and positive marketing. 

The lack of these two things can kill your business in a few days. 

Potential customers need to know about your business before committing. 

Buyers are never mysterious.

Ask buyers how they heard about your business. 

It is a referral if it isn’t through an advert online or offline. 

Few buyers will say they were passing by and saw your glamping site. 

Social media and the internet have made advertising so easy. 

You can do this on your business pages. Also, do sponsor posts of your products and offerings. 

Since a marketing budget is vital, use that to pay influencers. 

Most small businesses attest to witnessing growth from influencer partnerships. 

Your photography should be top-notch. 

Include the vital details to share with relevant photos. 

For example, you can add the contact details and address. 

It is advisable to schedule posts regularly. 

Ask friends and family on social media to share your posts. 

You want the information to reach more masses. 

Top 14 Products for Glamping Business

The weather nowadays doesn’t limit Glamping or camping. 

Technology is more developed, and manufacturers are making more valuable products. 

As a result, glamping products today are more efficient for versatile applications. 

These products give the buyer an experience of luxury. 

Also, they give the traditional feel of old-age camping. 

Not too old-school for their liking, and neither is it too sophisticated. 

The experience is somewhere in the middle. 

Here are some glamping products to add to your business. 

1. Tent

Tents are vital. Campers need shelter over their heads, especially if they aren’t hoteling. 

A good tent shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. 

Thus, you want to stock a variety of styles and designs.

Have these tents in different colors, as some buyers consider aesthetics. 

One of the primary determinants is price. 

Unless you deal in high-end glamping products, you need to stock variety.

Include tents with budget-friendly prices. 

Maybe most of your buyers are starters testing the waters. 

So, it could be people on a limited budget who want something to cover them. 

Get more mid-priced tents for those who have slightly more to spare. 

2. Tent Stoves

Tent stoves are a game changer. 

Most campers are considering this because of the risks of pit fires. 

There are different types of tent stoves you can include in your business. 

Do the research and know what most of your buyers pick. 

Stock more of that. But add a few other options for variety. 

Tent stoves also have accessories that you need to have. 

Even though it is a product on its own, it has a few necessities to supplement it. 

Most buyers prefer getting tent stove accessories from the same place. 

You don’t want to miss sales because you can’t meet the demand. 

3. Cast Iron Cookware

Each camper has their preference for crockery and cookware. 

However, we are seeing more buyers of cast iron cookware. 

They could be leaning towards this because of heating efficiency and durability. 

Die-hard campers would benefit more from cast iron cookware

It saves on energy and retains more heat. 

It means the food remains warm for longer than steel or aluminum pots.

You want to educate your buyers on the benefits of cast iron cookware. 

These might be expensive, but they are worth the money. 

4. Side Tables

Camping means leaving the home setting. 

Side tables are typical in homes and hotels. 

However, a camper might not experience the convenience of a side table unless they buy one or two. 

Aesthetic lovers know that side tables are ideal. 

Even if some aren’t in for style, these are functional. 

In addition, robust designs can have stools for small kids. 

Side tables can be fantastic tabletops when playing card games or eating. 

Campers can place their drinks on them. 

In addition, these can hold books, journals, lanterns, and anything a typical side table can carry. 

The tables offer comfort and convenience. 

5. Hammock

Comfort is vital, and camping doesn’t mean campers deny themselves small luxuries. 

Hammocks aren’t for the backyard or home setting only. 

It might not be a necessity, but it elevates the camping experience. 

Campers can rock themselves on hammocks to sleep or relax. 

They can do this after morning hikes. 

Stock hammock designs that can hang on trees. 

It would be best if you have some that can carry more than one person. 

Soft blankets and comfy pillows go well with hammocks. 

Do you see how your stock can add up?

6. Sleeping Cot

Most people associate camping with turning and tossing throughout the night. 

However, it is not always the case for everyone with a sleeping bag. 

Sleeping cots help campers get better rest. 

There are portable options that are collapsible. 

Foldable means they take up very little storage space. 

Campers can get these cots and have them in car trunks. 

Cots are lightweight. 

Outdoor lovers don’t need heavy gear while on camps. 

Easy-to-transport gear means happy campers. 

7. Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Roasting marshmallows is a common practice among campers. 

These sticks elevate a camper’s experience from the old style into a fun glamping experience. 

However, campers should know that they shouldn’t peel sticky marshmallows from dirty sticks.

We know most buyers pick anything made with wood. 

These are also for comfort as they don’t have to go near fires. 

Get roasting skewers that have rounded tips and are expandable. 

You want to cater to campers of all ages. 

8. Dish Set

The correct type of dish set can make a massive difference to campers. 

Camping needs outdoor people to build cooking and eating spaces. 

So, stock dish set designs that are small and easy to clean. 

Ensure you have a variety of colors and sizes. 

Get the price range right too.

Campers love dish sets that are easy and quick to heat. 

So warming leftovers doesn’t have to be hectic for them. 

Also, campers don’t have much time to clean. 

So you want to stock dishware that can save them cleaning time and water.

Thus, have those that campers can transport with ease to their destinations. 

9. Lanterns

Evenings and early mornings need light if campers sleep late and rise early. 

These are important for proper illumination. 

Besides glowing for light, they are heat sources. 

Some have power banks for charging devices. 

You can stock designs with in-built fans for use by campers when temperatures rise. 

These go well on side tables. 

10. Cooler

Coolers prevent cold and frozen foods from melting and heating up. 

In addition, campers will need coolers to store all their drinks, snacks, food, and treats. 

Campers who love camping for one day can get insulated backpacks or soft coolers. 

Classic hard coolers are ideal if campers don’t want to risk melting. 

However, don’t hesitate to add electric-powered coolers to the stock if the chance arises. 

11. Insect Repellant

Bugs are the enemy. 

Campers know how bad insect bites feel and look. 

Leave alone the discomfort. 

Stock insect repellants for campers to buy before their trips. 

These reduce itchiness and keep most insects away. 

12. Portable Power Generator

Some campers pack stuff that needs electricity. 

Add portable power generators to your business. 

Such generators are great power sources for stoves. 

They work for phone chargers, plug-in lights, fans, and other equipment. 

Moreover, you can add solar-powered generators to your stock. 

Variety is essential when it comes to the glamping business. 

Noisy generators won’t work for campers who go deeper into the woods. 

13. Wireless Speaker

Wireless speakers that are durable and waterproof make the glamping experience fun. 

These don’t need power sources, and they can sit anywhere. 

You can stock speakers from different brands. 

Get a wide range of designs and price ranges. 

Having something for everyone is an excellent way of increasing your sales. 

14. Portable Shower

Basin and buckets work. But comfort and convenience are the new languages in Glamping.

Portable showers give campers a clean and fresh feeling. 

These can hold gallons of water to rinse the day’s dirt. 

Retailers need to add battery-powered portable showers. 

These are for campers who want to enjoy luxury. 

After all, hot showers shouldn’t be the option available only in hotels. 

How to Make Your Glamping Business Eco-Friendly?

Camping means more exposure to the environment. 

Thus, there is a high chance of affecting the surroundings.

Here are some ways to make your glamping business eco-friendly.

A) Save Energy

Have more energy-saving lighting. 

Include automated cut-off switches to reduce energy wastage. 

Sell equipment that turns off by itself when not in use. 

If you run a glamping site, do the needful. 

Have polite reminders of energy conservation in relevant areas. 

B) Promote Eco-Friendly Transport

Green transport is what we are talking about here. 

Walking and bikes are fantastic alternatives to motor vehicles. 

But, the location can impact this.

Some people ban the use of vehicles on their glamping sites. 

C) Reduce Waste and Focus on Recycling

Recycling materials means saving the surrounding. 

Invest in organic material that you can recycle with ease. 

Stay away from plastic as much as possible and support your local businesses. 

You want to improve the environment and create an eco-friendly business. 

It cuts across the water, paper, and peelings. 

D) Use Tent Stoves 

Tent stoves are the best replacement for open pit fires. 

The risks of open fires are too many. 

Wildfires and smoke pollution are dangerous aspects to consider here. 

Remember, excess heat and temperatures can negatively affect the environment.

Encourage the use of tent stoves on your site. 

And if you are a retailer, these are the best products for holding fires and heat sources. 

Final Thoughts!

The glamping guide above should help you plan your business. 

Get the tips in mind and see products to include on your glamping site. 

This information and tips on starting a glamping business are helpful. 

It will prevent you from losing while starting. 

Instead, you want to invest in a business with potential growth. 

The glamping business is growing daily, with more yields to reap. 

You can reach OutdoorSAC for more information on starting a glamping business. 

We have a range of Glamping products that sell well.

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