Tent Stove Vs Propane Stove – An Ultimate Guide

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Have you just planned a camping trip and are looking for a stove to warm your tent?

Or are you just a wholesaler wanting to purchase reliable stoves for the end users?

Regardless, you should always know the difference between tent wood and propane stoves.

Do you know why? Well, it is because both stoves have their uses and features.

Moreover, these two stoves are very common in the market these days.

But people may end up using them for the same purpose, which can make you lose later.

You may not be able to use the same stove at different places.

They have different structures, properties, and features.

It has always been a debate among users about whether to choose a camping wood stove or a propane stove.

The worst thing is that even some suppliers misguide you to increase their sales and make you purchase the wrong type.

As you read this article today, you don’t need to worry about which stove is safe.

Generally, it depends on the applications for which you will use your stove.

But most of the time, portable wood stoves are a safe choice for tent camping.

So why are tent stoves a safer choice than propane stoves? You will learn about it in this article.

Please continue reading to explore more about it.

What Is A Tent Stove?

Tent stoves are wood-burning devices or equipment that you can use to heat your tent.

Moreover, you can also use them for cooking purposes.

Tent stoves are important in winter tenting trips since you need to eat hot food and keep warm.

These stoves use wood to produce heat in your tent.

The radiation and combustion of heat put into making it possible to warm up your tent and cook food.

In simple words, it works more like a traditional campfire but consists of no waste.

Hence, tent stoves are very environmentally friendly.

Wood-burning tent stoves are ten to twenty times more efficient than open fires.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages can make the idea of tent stoves quite clear.

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Advantages Of a Tent Stove

  • Wood-burning tent stoves are available in multiple types. You can choose the one that matches your needs.
  • You can use them for multi-purpose; heating as well as cooking.
  • Tent stoves distribute heat evenly in the atmosphere.
  • These stoves have fewer emissions into the atmosphere. Hence very environmentally friendly.
  • They have higher efficiency ratings.
  • They use less firewood but produce fires for a long time.
  • Long-lasting
  • No requirement for electricity.
  • High heat output

Disadvantages Of a Tent Stove

  • They require chimneys to emit fewer harmful emissions.
  • They are expensive in terms of the purchase price.
  • Installation costs
  • Hot Body

What Is A Propane Stove?

A propane stove is another type of stove that uses canisters or tanks to power itself.

It’s more like a stovetop.

These stoves are used for cooking purposes on a domestic level.

However, people also bring them on camping trips.

According to experts, it has been suggested not to use these stoves for heating purposes.

It is because these stoves are particularly made for cooking only.

People keep propane stoves at home for emergency cooking purposes.

When using propane stoves, you need to keep a proper ventilation system.

On the other hand, it is also important to note that propane stoves are better for indoor use.

They are not a suitable choice for outdoor purposes such as camping.

Some advantages and disadvantages of propane stoves are listed below:

Advantages Of A Propane Stove

  • It ensures clean and safe burning for indoor purposes.
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable flame

Disadvantages Of A Propane Stove

  • Not suitable for camping or outdoors purposes.
  • You can use it at high altitudes when the heavy wind is blowing.
  • It doesn’t have a protective covering.
  • Not suitable for heating purposes.

What Is The Difference Between A Tent Stove & A Propane Stove?

The difference between a tent stove and a propane stove is quite clear now.

You have read the advantages and disadvantages of both stoves. Both have their uses and applications.

But now that you have planned a trip, you should consider a tent stove.

This is the main difference between both options. A propane stove is only suitable for cooking purposes.

You may not be able to use it for heating purposes in your tent.

Since it consists of propane gas, it may create several problems for you.

Suppose you use a propane stove inside your tent, then sleep.

If the wind blows away, or for other reasons, the fire burning in the stove will shut off.

Now, what’s next? It will start emitting propane gas into the atmosphere.

The situation can be so dangerous that it can even cause death.

This indicates that propane stoves are suitable only for shorter durations.

Moreover, you must monitor it constantly to ensure the fire is burning.

On the other hand, a wood-burning tent stove can be your best option for tents or camping purposes.

Unlike propane stoves, you can use them for longer durations.

It doesn’t involve the usage of harmful gases such as propane.

So, there are lesser risks involved in wood-burning tent stoves.

The best part about them is that you can use these stoves for heating and cooking.

Is It Safe To Use a Propane Stove In a Tent?

As mentioned earlier, using a propane stove in a tent can be very dangerous.

Using stoves that require gas to burn fire can be your most dangerous decision.

No matter which gas you use, it will always attempt to pollute the air and have harmful consequences.

There might be several harmful emissions, but when there is a lack of oxygen, it will emit carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is an extremely poisonous gas, even if this gas is in small quantities.

What Are The Risks Of Using Propane Stoves In a Tent?

You should know that using propane stoves in a tent is strongly prohibited.

The reason is that they have several risks of harming you.

Some main risks of using propane stoves in a tent are listed below:

When you use propane stoves in a tent, there will be significant emissions of hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide.

However, it will change to carbon monoxide emissions when there is a lack of oxygen in the wilderness.

Carbon monoxide is an extremely toxic gas, even if you get it in small amounts.

The worst part is that it can cause death in a closed tent.

Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas with no smell or colour.

The gas will automatically fill your tent when you start the combustion process.

When you inhale carbon monoxide, it will cause poisoning by carbon monoxide.

It is because the gas reacts with haemoglobin in your body, preventing oxygen from being absorbed by your body tissues. It will result in hypoxia.

Hypoxia may lead to death even without qualified medical health.

However, you can take safety measures to prevent such accidents inside your tent.

For example, you can turn on the propane stoves in your tent for several minutes.

When the tent is heated up, you should turn it off.

The most important thing to note is that you should never leave propane stoves open for long.

You cannot go to sleep while your propane stove is turned on the whole night.

There are chances that it is turned off and starts emitting toxic gases.

Manufacturers recommend using a ventilation system in your tent if you use propane stoves.

Carbon monoxide can even make you unconscious in your tent.

Unfortunately, these kinds of accidents are very common these days.

Another harmful disadvantage of propane stoves is that their flame might be difficult to control.

If there are any leaks, it may also result in an explosion. So it would help if you dealt with these small leaks immediately.

Propane stoves are easily rusted and hence cause gas leakage.

And you already know the pros of propane gas leakage into the air.

So, if you want your family and friends to have a safe camping experience, you should avoid using propane camping stoves. Rather, you should choose tent stoves.

If you want to know why you should use tent stoves, continue reading.

How Safe Are Tent Stoves?

Tent stoves use wood as fuel to heat your tents.

However, you can also use them for cooking purposes.

Unlike propane stoves, wood stoves are safer and multifunctional.

First, it doesn’t use harmful gases to heat and cooks.

Secondly, the smoke caused due to wood burning rises into the air.

It doesn’t use deaths by staying in tent-like propane stoves.

Tent stoves consist of a stove pipe that passes all the by-products of burning.

The best part is that you can use tent stoves overnight because they require burning wood.

And you can burn wood all night without worrying about harmful byproducts that may cause death.

You just need to keep adding pieces of wood according to your requirement in tent stoves.

However, you also need to manage the tent stoves safely.

If the fire from tent stoves touches the wall or any combustible material, it can cause more fire in your tent.

But this is also avoidable and rare since tent stoves come with a closed box-like structure.

You just need to safely add wood to the box and monitor it from the glass window.

Some safety measures that you should take while using a wood stove are listed below:

What Safety Precautions Should You Take When Using Tent Stoves?

Using a tent stove in your tents is known to be the safest option that most customers enjoy.

With a tent stove, you can feel warmer and cosier and cook your favourite camping food anytime.

Moreover, you can stay in a shelter using a tent stove if there is rain or a storm outside your tent.

However, there are also some risks apart from having these benefits.

You can prevent these risks by taking the proper safety measures listed below:

Fire Treated Tent

  • When you plan to implement a tent stove into your tent, you should look for a fire-treated tent.
  • The best part about these tents is that they reduce the possibility of fire in your tents.

Cleaning Spark Arrestor

  • The spark arrestor is the most important part of your tent stoves.
  • It is filled with soot and ash every second day.
  • So what you must do is clean & filter the spark arrestor regularly.
  • It will keep the carbon monoxide levels low and reduce the chances of a fire in your tent.

Keep Combustible Materials Away

  • You should keep the combustible materials away from your tent stove.
  • The intense heat of your tent stoves may also cause combustion in your tent.
  • You should keep an aerosol canister, hairspray, or bug spray near your tent stove.
  • These products consist of fire extinguishers. Hence, you can avoid any threat that causing due to fire.

Monitor Cooking Process

  • When you are cooking using tent stoves, make sure to monitor them constantly.
  • Any carelessness can also result in harmful consequences.
  • It is also important to note that your tent stove must be placed in the right spot.
  • This is the most important safety measure that you should take.


There is always a debate between users on whether to use a tent stove or a propane stove in tents.

However, considering the discussion above, it is safer to use a tent stove.

There are no harmful gases to cause death through a tent stove.

Moreover, a propane stove is not the right choice for heating purposes.

So you know tent wood stoves are the best choice.

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