Top 10 Cast Iron Cookware Wholesalers in China

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China is the production and trading hub for most products.

Kitchenware is on this list. 

Cast iron cookware is a trendy product with huge demand in all seasons. 

Thus, wholesalers are reaping big by selling cast iron cookware. 

But, it can be expensive to buy it from online stores in your country, especially if you are a retailer. 

Importing cast iron cookware from China is a money-saver formula.

You will benefit from it if you want to sell cast iron cookware directly to customers. 

Besides, you also get good quality cookware set at reasonable prices.

So, who are the top cast iron cookware wholesalers in China? Let’s find out!

Top 10 Cast Iron Cookware Wholesalers in China

There are many wholesalers of this commodity. But, we share the best from customer reviews. So, check out our list and pick a company to buy from for your business. 

#1. OutdoorSAC

  • Location: Zhengzhou, China
  • Type of Company: Producing and Wholesaling 
  • Year Established/Work History: 10+ Years
  • Number of Employees: 100+
  • Main Products: Cast Iron Cookware and Camping Tent Stoves
  • Other Products: Tents, Titanium Camping Cookware

OutdoorSAC is a reputable cast iron cookware producer in China. 

It deals in all types of this ware in different designs and sizes. 

Besides, the company offers cast iron cookware for indoor and outdoor use. 

In addition, this company customizes the cookware according to the retailer’s needs.

Their production team assures you of the cookware’s best heat retention ability. 

We are yet to see complaints about their cookware’s performance.

You can get your order quickly if you are a retailer. 

OutdoorSAC uses high-grade cast iron.

Retailers can buy these and sell them to campers to use on tent stoves. 

This wholesaler can provide various items, from Dutch ovens and skillets to saucepans and griddles.

But you can customize any cast iron cookware. 

#2) Hebei Xilaifu Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Location: Hebei Province in China
  • Type of Company: Trading, Manufacturing, and Wholesale
  • Year Established: 2017
  • Number of Employees: 50-100
  • Main Products: Cast Iron Cookware 
  • Other Products: Over 300 Cast Iron Products and Kitchenware

Hebei Xilaifu Technology Co., Ltd is a fully-fledged company. 

The company conducts its research processes alone.

The research information helps them produce quality cast iron cookware. 

They also sell teapots and bakeware.

So buyers can get anything they can think about in the culinary sector.

As an independent company, it has various production lines. 

The producer has a separate production line for casting and plant oil.

Others are for printing, wax covering, and instant boiling.

The company’s location is a bonus to its business.

It gives an excellent convenience for transport. 

The factory is 400 kilometers from Tianjin Seaport.

Isn’t this fantastic for retailers who want to buy directly from them? 

The company boasts many approvals.

These include FDA and SGS. 

So, you can rely on them to get high-quality cast iron cookware set in bulk quality.

Retailers can buy from the company’s list of 300+ products. 

#3. Shijiazhuang Kingway Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd

  • Location: Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang city, in China
  • Type of Company: Producing and Wholesaling 
  • Year Established: 2008
  • Number of Employees: 5-10
  • Main Products: Cast Iron Cookware
  • Other Products: Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Cookware, Stone Kitchenware 

Kingway Imports and Exports has a cooperative factory.

It has 4 production lines.

There is the DISA casting, a pre-seasoning, and an enameling line.

 It boasts over a decade of work experience. 

In addition, the company has a skilled production team for making cast iron cookware. 

Its primary product is enamel cast iron cookware.

Retailers can order pre-seasoned cast iron grills and cast iron skillets.

In addition, there are fry pans and casseroles made from cast iron. 

The company prides itself on cookwares quality.

It has approvals from FDA and LFG. 

There are professional designers to customize retailers’ orders. 

As you know, there can be many difficulties in the import and export process.

However, worry not because the company has skilled personnel in foreign trade. 

This wholesaler adds new products to its collection every year.

So if you have different needs, it is a reliable supplier. 

#4. Hebei Cookwin Kitchen Products Co., Ltd

  • Location: Hebei, China
  • Type of Company: Manufacturer and wholesaler
  • Year Established: 1998
  • Number of Employees: 10 (foreign trading staff)
  • Main Products: Cast iron pipes and cast iron cookware 
  • Other Products: Cast iron mortars and pestle, stonewares

Hebei Cookwin Kitchen Products Co., Ltd. operates in various Chinese cities.

The company is famous for its prime location. 

They produce cast iron pipes and cast iron cookware.

Their products are quite popular everywhere, especially in American and European countries.

There are automatic production lines for making cast iron cookware and related products.

#5. Shenzhen City Helped Machinery

  • Location: Hebei Province in China
  • Type of Company: Manufacturing and Wholesaling 
  • Year Established: 2014
  • Number of Employees: 11-50
  • Main Products: Cast Iron Cookware
  • Other Products: Sausage Stuffer, Saw Bone Machine, Meat Mixer

The Company researches, develops, manufactures, and sells cast iron products. 

Retailers can order a variety of cast iron products from them.

In addition, the producer has wide-ranging export coverage. 

But, its distribution isn’t worldwide.

So, ensure you talk with the team and check whether this company ships products to your country. 

People who want to start selling cast iron cookware can order from here. 

There is a wide variety of cast iron products to expand your business.

Moreover, their minimum order quantity for the cookware category is low.

Thus, the retailer can start with a few samples to test the product. 

The company also replies to your queries pretty fast.

Retailers can reach them for quotes on cast iron products they want. 

#6. Taiyuan Zhuozhi Technology Co., Ltd

  • Location: Shanxi province, Taiyuan city, China
  • Type of Company: Trading and Wholesaling
  • Year Established: 2019
  • Number of Employees: 5-10
  • Main Products: Cast iron cookware, Home Storage, Cups, Wine Sets
  • Other Products: RTS Products, Glassware, Home Decor, Smart Home Improvement, etc. 

Taiyuan Zhuozhi Technology Co., Ltd deals in the wholesale business.

It majors in household items, and cast iron cookware is one of its top-selling products.

Their cookware products are of high quality.

Buyers love their personalized high-grade cast iron cookware.

The producer has custom options for retailers with unique needs.

Company information shows that the delivery time of products is fast.

In addition, it has global customers because of the solid reputation it has built over the years.

The company is expanding its production. 

A retailer looking for cast iron cookware can consider this one. 

It is cheaper to buy such items from one supplier, primarily if you work in many product categories. 

#7. Chuangyuan Food Machinery Co. LTD

  • Location: Shandong, China
  • Type of Company: Custom manufacturer and wholesaler
  • Year Established: 1996
  • Number of Employees: 101-200
  • Main Products: Cast Iron Cookware, Deep Fryer, Egg Incubators, Chicken Puckers, etc.
  • Other Products: Ice Cream Machines, Cast Ironware, Noodle Making Machines, etc.

Chuangyuan Food Machinery Co, LTD has over 20 years of export experience.

Thus, retailers who want a reliable wholesaler can trust this company. 

The company has 6 production lines. 

It is a higher number than most producers on our list.

It has 2 approvals and is well-rated in the food machinery sector.

Besides heavy food machinery, sellers can buy different cast iron products. 

The response time for inquiries is 12 hours, which is pretty fast. 

Their staff is well-trained to counter communication issues when dealing with global clients. 

Sellers can get info on items they want to buy via video. 

Video gives them a better view of what they want to buy. 

#8. Tianjin New Trend Import & Export Co

  • Location: Tianjin, China
  • Type of Company: Wholesale, Import and Export
  • Year Established: 2013
  • Number of Employees: 51-100
  • Main Products: Cookware
  • Other Products: Carbon steel, Aluminum, and Cast Iron Cookware, Gas Stoves

Tianjin New Trend, Import & Export Co, deals in cookware.

Sellers can buy both enamel and pre-seasoned cast iron cookware. 

This company is famous for its fast production time. 

The estimate is about 5 days.

But there is a 25-day estimate for lead time for customizing a client’s mold. 

The lead time to give samples is 15 days.

And all other processes can take 45 days. 

It is a short time than most wholesalers.

#9. Yiwu Youru Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

  • Location: Zhejiang, China
  • Type of Company: Wholesale, Trading
  • Year Established: 2019
  • Number of Employees: 11-50 People
  • Main Products: Cookware, Gas Stove Accessories
  • Other Products: Kitchen Tools, Drinkware, Daily Department, Office Supplies, 

Yiwu Youru Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. deals in making cooking utensils.

It includes cast iron cookware. 

The company boasts over a decade of massive experience.

It majors in product research and development. 

It has two production lines to tackle manufacturing all its cooking utensils.

Retailers can order any cast iron cookware. 

If your needs are unique, the producer customizes the order.

The company is famous for its integrity in the industry.

It boasts strength and high-quality products. Retailers in China can go in for live visits. 

Overseas retailers can place their cast iron cookware orders online.

Besides, they can negotiate with the team for good business. 

#10. Shijiazhuang Haihuijumei Import and Export Co., Ltd.

  • Location: Hebei, China
  • Type of Company: Wholesale and Trading
  • Year Established: 2020 
  • Number of Employees: 101-200 People
  • Main Products: Cast Iron Pots, Enamel Pots, Bakeware, Cookware, and Camping Pots
  • Other Products: Cookware Sets and Sizzling Plates

Shijiazhuang Haihuijumei Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a famous trading company.

Its primary product is cast iron cookware. 

Besides, the company also deals in cookware sets and sizzling plates. 

The company is new in the business of cookware products.

But its growth is steady, and we can see that from the reviews. 

The MOQ of cast iron cookware is reasonable. 

Moreover, the quality of their cookware products is also excellent.

Thanks to the expert quality control team on the ground.

Final Thoughts!

Every retailer must know the top wholesalers of cast iron cookware products. 

We hope retailers find the above information helpful.

It is a time-saver list for anyone working in the cast iron cookware business. 

You can find more information about these wholesalers.

Find all you need from their social media accounts or contact information.

Now, it’s your turn to take action!

Go ahead and choose the right wholesaler for your business.

You can contact OutdoorSAC for more information.

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